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The Key to Great Leadership May Surprise You

Many years ago, I was elected president of our company’s field leadership association. Brimming with new ideas about how to make our company better, I attended a strategic planning meeting between field officers and company executives, and felt my innovative contributions were quite dazzling. On the drive home I asked the executive vice president, who was traveling with me, for his thoughts on h...Read More

Board of Directors

7 Ways Board Directors Can Add Value

According to the National Association of Corporate Directors, the two top issues for boards in 2017-2018? Significant industry changes and business model disruption.   Never before have boards played such an important role in asking probing questions of management, and bringing an outside perspective into the boardroom to ensure that the company is not blindsided by emerging technologie...Read More

Board of Directors

The Keys to Building a Better Board

Diversity has become a hot topic for boards. Why is board diversity so difficult? Unlike in Europe and other places, most U.S. boards don’t have term limits, so as a result, you don’t have as much fluidity around the movement of individuals off boards in order to bring new blood into the boardroom. I serve on a boarding where there are term limits. It gives the CEO and the ...Read More

Board of Directors

What Makes Top Talent Want to Work for You

In one of my former lives, I served as Assistant to the President and Director of Presidential Personnel in the Clinton White House. As you can imagine it was a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week position.   Many very smart people seek the opportunity to work in any presidential administration. It was a privilege to work at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, no matter your role. The most valued were the...Read More


Diversity, Done Better

Never has this proven more true than in the board space. It’s practically de rigeur these days to find boardrooms pouring resources into diversity. But they—and we, as search executives—have work still to do. A large share of the public remains skeptical of the sincerity and efficacy of these initiatives. When the banking sector was beset by lawsuits in the 1990s and early 2000s on account o...Read More

Board of Directors

How to Make Peace with the Shareholder Activist Movement

Shareholder activists have been portrayed as modern-day pirates, forcing loyal board members and management to walk the plank while they plunder vulnerable companies. It’s time to dispel that myth, starting with the primary differentiator. The rogues of yore took treasures that didn’t belong to them; today’s activist investors want to enhance the value of an asset they already own for mutual...Read More

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