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Technology and Innovation

ALERT: Cyber Security Readiness Critical in Industrial and Manufacturing Sector

While much attention has been paid to high-profile cyber security breaches in the retail, healthcare, financial services and government sectors over the past two years, a relatively small number of cyber security incidents have been reported in the industrial manufacturing industry.   This won’t last, unfortunately.   Companies with advanced manufacturing operations continu...Read More

Board of Directors

The Most Important Leadership Quality

Is there one? There are innumerable books, masses of research, and a plethora of answers telling us about the hallmarks of successful leaders. I love Adam Bryant’s 5: passionate curiosity, battle-hardened confidence, team smarts, simple mindset, and fearlessness.   Here are some other qualities you will see as you comb the web: honesty, communication, delegation, humor, confidence, co...Read More

Digital Media, Entertainment, And Sports

Mobile Consumerism – The Center of Everything

It used to be that we, consumers, would have to figure the best way to deal with organizations from whom we wanted stuff – cars, insurance, clothes, groceries (gather those coupons!), Doctors, hospitals, government agencies – but that has changed. The mobile consumer is increasingly in the driving seat.   I am a headhunter and spend my time helping senior executives build teams that...Read More

NAVIENT: Board Expansion Results in Extraordinary Board Gender Diversity

At Diversified Search, diversity is a cornerstone of our business: it’s built into our very brand, and into the principles we use to guide our firm and its belief that great leadership transforms people, organizations, and the world.   So we were delighted to bring our diversity lens to Navient, a spin-off of Sallie Mae, which is an independent, $38 million publicly traded company tha...Read More

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