Our Story : Redefining Search

At Diversified Search, we employ a highly collaborative approach to each search assignment. Our experienced consultants are always asking, listening, and opening up new angles to uncover the right solution for your organization. Your search will always have a Managing Director leading the process from the beginning through to completion. This emphasis on experience enables us to work with clients in challenging internal perspectives and moving beyond the expected. We approach search differently than others. Throughout our history, we have always sought leaders that not only have strong character and credentials, but also those with different perspectives and views. We use the power of this perspective to help guide your company beyond the expected. We believe in viewing each search through a broad lens. We consider all issues - including generational, cultural, ethnic, industry, gender and functional - to bring your organization fresh, high-potential candidates.






We believe that the power of diverse perspectives will always uncover standout candidates.



Alignment is critical to success, so we build immediate client engagement during the design phase of every assignment. This early touchpoint ensures agreement on both sides. We call this process "calibration" and it helps bring speed and precision to every search.



As a client, you will enjoy the benefit of a Managing Director who will actively drive your search from start to finish. You will receive continuous consultation, 24/7 accessibility and a commitment to follow-up even after the search is complete.



Diversified Search is the exclusive US partner of AltoPartners, the international alliance of independent executive search firms.