Launched in 2011, STEMconnector®, a subsidiary of Diversified Search, offers access to a multitude of resources with the goal of providing a pipeline of employees for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) positions. STEMconnector is a consortium of companies, nonprofit associations and professional societies, STEM-related research & policy organizations, government entities, universities and academic institutions concerned with STEM education and the future of human capital in the United States.

STEMconnector is both a resource and a service, designed to link "all things STEM" through a comprehensive website that connects national, state and local STEM entities. STEMconnector focuses on the STEM workforce and jobs, with an emphasis on diversity and women, as well as how STEM educational experiences translate into careers. Products include the STEMdaily® newsletter, EdTech Weekly, STEM Councils and virtual STEM Town Halls, other briefings and events, research reports, data mapping, and counseling on how to maximize STEM resources.

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