We’re different—and always have been. Our life’s work has been to diversify leadership across all industries and sectors.


We’ll help you forge a new path and cultivate new leadership for a changing world. 


The Diversified Search Group has led the shift to redefine success in executive search by building a more innovative and diverse business model. The only major woman-founded search firm in the U.S., since 1974 our quest has been to identify the best leaders for the future. Today, our business approach and family of companies has been recognized by Forbes as a top-five search firm in the U.S. and the fastest-growing company in the executive search sector. 


Purpose: Our mission, vision, values, culture, and people all center on our belief that the right leader in the right place can transform people, organizations, and the world. We are unmatched in our ability to identify and place diverse candidates from all over the nation and, through our global alliance with AltoPartners, the world.


Progress: We boast a modern, innovative, and unique operating model that liberates from convention, increases opportunity, builds morale and builds careers. Working together across sectors and industries, our family of firms delivers strong partnership, collaboration, and thought leadership, and richer opportunities from deeper talent pools.


Performance: We do well by doing good, offering new solutions and approaches for the 21st Century and sourcing the widest pools of talent. We offer an unparalleled track record when it comes to impact, results, consistency, and stakeholder value.