I’ve worked remotely for years, so when this crisis hit, the telecommuting class was better prepared. But for those who are just now settling in on week two for what may be an extended period working remotely, here are 15 easy-to-follow (and remember) tips to make sure that whatever you need to get done, you
Each of us has very unique, and very personal, stress points. My biggest trigger is when I’m forced to rely on assistance from someone else—more specifically, someone whom I’m not sure I can depend. I recently had to collaborate on a project, and frankly, I felt the whole thing was a bit over my head.
Trade Secrets
We hear a lot about diversity these days. Why we need it, why it matters, what it contributes to our national conversation. But for some, it’s a loaded word. It carries with it the implication that if I am making room for these people, then those people are getting pushed out. I remember a search
In executive search, people are constantly asking you to convince them. Convince me you can find the talent. Convince me this candidate is the right person. Then there is the candidate, who says, convince me I will succeed.
It’s long been accepted that the holidays and looking for a new, challenging career are mutually exclusive. The common wisdom is that the embrace of family and traditions are not conducive to sharing credentials or responding to outreach regarding possible opportunities.
Office Culture
Because I am sometimes delusional, I did something this year I’d no idea I had until it was too late: I volunteered to organize my office’s Secret Santa gift exchange.