March 23, 2020

Working From Home: The COVID-19 Checklist

I’ve worked remotely for years, so when this crisis hit, the telecommuting class was better prepared. But for those who are just now settling in on week two for what may be an extended period working remotely, here are 15 easy-to-follow (and remember) tips to make sure that whatever you need to get done, you can get done. Stay safe.

  • Have a dedicated space. And if you have a printer, make sure you have a supply of paper and extra ink cartridges.

Managing Director Chris Berger has a great at-home dedicated workspace, shared via the #ShowUsYourDesk campaign

  • Power cords for everything!
  • Have two phones. One should have “hotspot” that can be enabled in case your internet connection/wifi goes down. I have used it during emergencies before.

    Have your own Batphone!


  • Spare batteries for your mouse, keyboard (if it is wireless without a docking station).
  • Stapler, staples!

    Don’t leave your stapler unattended…




  • If you are in an office/bedroom/family room/basement – keep the door shut. Limit distractions.


  • If you have a pet, keep a bed for him/her nearby. If they tend to bark, place them elsewhere with their comfort toys, water etc.


  • Reset your video doorbell and Alexa notifications – they can be very intrusive at important times. During office hours, I have mine set to windchimes in my headset.


  • Treat your new workspace as you would your work office. In other words, if you don’t have background music at the office, you shouldn’t have it at home, either.


  • Stay on schedule and try to limit distractions. This can be impossible with children at home, but instilling discipline—for you and for them—isn’t the worst thing.

    The New Yorker


  • Answer the phone, send the emails, talk with your colleagues. Stay connected. You’ll feel less isolated.
  • Take a walk in the morning, or at lunch.
  • Know that we are all in this together. There is a future and we’ll get there together.


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