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Judee von Seldeneck, Founder and Chair of the Diversified Search Group, joined Dan Loney on Wharton Business Daily
Women’s History Month is not only a time to celebrate progress, but also serves as a call to action to continue moving the needle forward. This year feels especially unique given the challenges that our society – and specifically working women – have faced in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Earlier this month, a group of college and university presidents, meeting on Zoom to talk shop, ended up chatting about yet another American crisis: the attack on the U.S. Capitol. Every president reported drawing harsh criticism, no matter how they commented on the riot. Those who condemned the violence too pointedly got angry calls and emails from conservative alumni and trustees. Those who were too mild in their condemnation were shamed on social media.
In early January, I took a week off from my job as a researcher in San Francisco to visit my parents for the Lunar New Year. Little did I know that a simple one-week visit would turn into a months-long stay filled with uncertainty and challenges. You see, my parents live in China.
As we continue to push our way against the headwinds of disease and economic frailty, we must remain focused on what matters most.
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We all know the basic facts of the Theranos debacle: Brilliant Stanford dropout fools almost everyone about a blood-testing device she proclaims will revolutionize healthcare. Conscience-stricken employees reach out to investigative reporter. Theranos collapses.