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In early January, I took a week off from my job as a researcher in San Francisco to visit my parents for the Lunar New Year. Little did I know that a simple one-week visit would turn into a months-long stay filled with uncertainty and challenges. You see, my parents live in China.
As we continue to push our way against the headwinds of disease and economic frailty, we must remain focused on what matters most.
Board of Directors
We all know the basic facts of the Theranos debacle: Brilliant Stanford dropout fools almost everyone about a blood-testing device she proclaims will revolutionize healthcare. Conscience-stricken employees reach out to investigative reporter. Theranos collapses.
Corporate boardrooms have seen a lot of changes in recent years. There’s been a strong focus on boards taking responsibility for the larger corporate enterprise, including issues that may seem out of the board’s control, such as the increasingly high-profile issue of social purpose.
  The Energy industry is undergoing a ‘once in 100 years’ transformation. At the confluence between the fourth industrial revolution, climate change, and heightened stakeholder awareness, how we think about energy is at a crossroads. In the past 18 months we have witnessed an amplification of the climate debate.
Private Equity
You might say that Charles Holznecht has discovered the secret to success in private equity investing.   Holznecht is a mergers and acquisition expert at Kansas City-based George K. Baum Capital Advisors, which acquired Goettl Air Conditioning last summer. Goettl services some 50,000 homes in the Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson, and Los Angeles markets, but