Board of Directors

A Board of Directors is at the heart of any organization. Its members must have the vision to move the company forward, the courage to make the difficult decisions to make that happen, and the understanding of their business and its position in the marketplace. At Diversified Search, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to identify and recruit America’s best minds to America’s best boards.

Our consultants have extensive experience and strong relationships in their fields, enabling them to uncover the right candidates quickly. But what they offer is so much more. Throughout the search process, our Managing Directors are always working to provide the expertise, insight, and guidance to help challenge internal perspectives and help an organization thrive.

We also offer something completely unique: our Corporate Board of Directors Advisory Council, comprised of nine seasoned experts in the arena of the challenges and needs of boards of directors, which works within our Board Practice to explore the complex issues confronting boards today, particularly in the area of diversity. These members are:

MARY K. BUSH, President of Bush International, LLC, advisory to US corporations and foreign governments on international capital markets, strategic business and economic matters, who serves on the board of directors of Bloom Energy, T. Rowe Price Group, Inc., Marriott International, Inc., Discover Financial Services, Mantech International Corp, and Private Export Funding Corp.

GILBERT F. CASELLAS, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility and Chief Diversity Officer for Dell, Inc. (retired) who serves on the board of Prudential Financial, Inc.

CALVIN DARDEN, SR., Senior Vice President of Operations at UPS (Retired), who serves on the board of Target Corp., Aramark, and Cardinal Health

SHIRLEY FRANKLIN, former Mayor of Atlanta, who serves on the board of Mueller Water Products

GWENDOLYN KING, President and Founder of Podium Prose, who serves on the board of Washington National Cathedral.

JIM LAWRENCE, Chairman, Lake Harriet Capital, who serves as a Non-Executive director of Avnet, Inc., and Smurfit Kappa Group, and AerCap.

REBECCA W. RIMEL, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Pew Charitable Trusts, who serves on Becton Dickinson & Company and BioTelemetry, Inc.

BARRY WILLIAMS, Founder, President and CEO of Pacific Ventures, Inc. who serves on the Board of Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.

A great board member can transform an organization. Our resources are significant; our expertise, formidable; our determination and passion for excellence, limitless.




There is no more important role in an organization than its CEO. A strong, forward-thinking, attuned CEO can take any company to unparalleled heights. An indecisive, controlling, or inflexible CEO can destroy it.

We identify leaders with courage and vision, people who have the strength of their own convictions, but also an open mind to new ideas and new ways of doing things. One of our guiding mantras is, “We believe that great leadership transforms people, organizations, and the world.” That belief guides us through every step of the process as we place America’s best minds in the executive suites of America’s most admired companies.

Our process is both comprehensive and relentless. We’re not interested in finding any CEO; we’re interested in the perfect one. As masters of fit, we recognize that we are not only looking for someone to lead an organization, but we see the bigger picture—that we are changing people’s lives, both atop the company and throughout its ranks. It’s a mission we take seriously, and one that fills us with pride when we see what our leaders go on to do for their respective organizations. (For a look at how some of our placements have transformed their companies, see our Success Stories portal.)

When you need great leadership, you need Diversified Search.



Chief Information Officers/ IT

The purpose of every company is simple: “find and keep” customers. What every company knows today is that is impossible to achieve this task without a firm grip on technology—and the smart, advanced-thinking people who can keep up with its almost daily evolution.

Technology has played a key role in helping an organization achieve success, but how it does it has changed radically. IT used to provide the back-office “system of record” function; now it is increasingly the “system of engagement.” IT is, first and foremost, strategic. The emergence of the digital age has brought with it terms and processes most CEOs never even heard of at the turn of the 21st Century: User Experience, Cyber Security, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud, Social Engagement, Internet of Things, Compliance, just to name a few. All of them are driven by or enabled by IT, which has moved from an expense item to a key source of organizational competitiveness, top-line growth, and profitability.

Transformational CIOs are now integral to strategy, product development, value creation, and new sources of revenue and business agility. They need to be a key part of any senior leadership team, function at the Board level, and demonstrate how technology can be a competitive differentiator. Perhaps most important, they communicate “the art of the possible.”

At Diversified Search, we understand these technology business drivers, and help organizations build technology teams to meet the challenges in our rapidly changing world. We have developed a broad and extensive CIO network; we’re known as thought leaders throughout the industry, regularly speaking at conferences and facilitating forums addressing current IT trends and transformational leadership. Our team understands that CIOs are business leaders who have a seat at the executive table and that they have deep relationships with customers. We have the expertise and experience to match your business with the right individual to not only fill that seat, but to help your organization evolve.


Healthcare (Delivery, Insurance, Medtech)

Financial Services


Consumer Packaged Goods






Development and Philanthropy

The philanthropic landscape continues to evolve. Sophisticated donors are driving revenue growth; in turn, institutions are responding by elevating the prominence and efficiency of their development teams.

Today, fundraising is increasingly regarded in scientific terms: metrics, analytics, nuanced strategy. Correspondingly, development leaders have become some of the most visible—and highly compensated—representatives of their organizations. The language regarding fundraising continues to change as well. What was once known as “development” is now commonly called “institutional advancement,” signifying a shift as more and more organizations view philanthropy as inextricably linked to their overall brand, external communications, and marketing. For the most successful fundraising organizations, philanthropy permeates their culture.

Diversified Search consultants are thought leaders who have worked deeply within the shifting world of philanthropy. We have served as front-line fundraisers, educational administrators, and nonprofit leaders during our careers, gaining valuable insight into the qualities and experience necessary to be successful as a modern development professional. This, combined with our focus on gaining the most thorough understanding of our client organizations possible, enables us to be selective and discerning in evaluating candidates for the right match. Our highly consultative approach has produced a track record of optimizing human capital and influencing organizational design for long-term fundraising growth. To that end, Diversified Search often works in tandem with clients’ external fundraising counsel, and has longstanding relationships with many of the most respected fundraising consultancies.

Diversified Search is the only generalist, top-ten firm in the United States to maintain a dedicated practice to senior-level development, alumni affairs, and institutional advancement searches. We have worked with some of the world’s most respected educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, foundations, and nongovernmental organizations, including smaller entities focused on regional or community-based impact. We have developed flexible search models that allow us to work successfully with all types of organizations, as each is distinct and with a unique base of the constituent. Our accountability extends well beyond clients’ hiring decisions. We find philanthropic leadership that transforms organizations.



Financial Officers

Perhaps no function within corporate management has changed more fundamentally this century than that of Chief Financial Officer. A CFO is still tasked with the classic, primary day-to-day responsibilities of planning, implementing, managing, and controlling the financial activity of an institution. But increasingly, the duties of a CFO becoming broader, deeper, and ever more critical to the long-term health of the companies and institutions they serve.

Today, the Chief Financial Officer is a true partner of the CEO, a confidant to the Board of Directors or Trustees, and the linchpin of communication to the investment community. Additionally, confusion over changing regulations and legislation, particularly at the federal level, means that CFOs must now also be able to identify and manage financial trends long before they come to pass.

At Diversified Search, our mission is to both understand client financial needs and secure the financial leaders of the future to meet them—whether for a multi-billion-dollar, multi-national corporation, a university, a major healthcare system, or a leading arts and cultural institution. As Benjamin Franklin, a hero and icon in our headquarters city of Philadelphia, once said: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”



Human Resources

It is well recognized that leaders of any organization, large or small, for-profit or nonprofit, have all identified the same thing as their number-one challenge to meet the demands of future business: identifying, recruiting, and retaining strong human capital. However, surveys consistently show that only a minority feel they have the right people, the right infrastructure, the right skills, and the right plans in place to rise to that challenge.

As a function, human resources is the central hub in any organization, addressing these issues and connecting across its multiple spokes, touching every part of the business and providing each tier with essential support that can help build strategy and then execute that strategy to ensure success. Human resources executives have become trusted business partners that drive culture and outcomes. They are essential to the health and sustainability of the enterprises they help lead.

At Diversified Search, we know that understanding the human resources function in isolation is not enough; focusing on how a role can achieve impact in a broader sense is critical. Our experts have a powerful combination of both industry and human resources leadership experience. Leveraging both enables us to develop search strategies that are focused and produce results quickly.

We find the human resources leaders who will help you find your future leaders.



Private Equity

Increasingly, America’s most dynamic companies all have two things in common. One is that each has an ahead-of-their-time leader who has the drive and the smarts to revolutionize the way the world works.

The second? They’re funded through private equity. In today’s hurly-burly global marketplace, private equity is the engine propelling forward new ideas, new visions, new ways of thinking and looking at the world. In every metric that matters, it’s the definition of the new frontier in business, funding everything from cutting-edge tech start-ups to new methodologies for manufacturing to almost everything encompassed by the Internet of Things. And because of all of that, it requires leadership that is not only smart and focused, but also one step ahead of almost everyone else.

Our Private Equity Practice leverages the full capability of our deep industry and functional expertise across every major sector to effectively serve private equity firms and their suite of portfolio companies. We know that the right leadership is vital the success of any investment at any stage of the investment life cycle, whether that’s IPOs and pre- and post-merger integrations, or executive introductions and talent studies that include management benchmarking and market scans.

The challenge facing PE firms today is to attract the right talent to impact the investment strategies and drive operations growth within their respective portfolios. We know that leaders in this market must excel at managing cash and improving the top line. We know what qualities a private equity needs for success. And we know how to bring those leaders to you.



Supply Chain Management

Globalization has led to significant changes in supply chain management in the 21st Century. Leading businesses across almost every industry are realizing the gains to be made in both customer service and profitability through the effective development of more sophisticated and integrated supply chains. World-class organizations understand the competitive advantage derived through more innovative sourcing and procurement. For one thing, it minimizes risk. And it maximizes shareholder value.

At Diversified Search, we use a collaborative approach to supply chain searches, providing a search project team equipped with both functional and industry experience to address a client’s technical, business, and cultural requirements. We have successfully placed supply chain executives who have excelled at managing complex networks, navigating global suppliers and partners, volatile commodity and energy prices, natural disasters, and fluctuating currency markets.

Our growth and success reflect our clients’ increasing recognition of the benefits of professional supply chain management—and our ability to provide the executives who deliver those benefits. Our team is comprised of internationally-experienced functional practitioners who have a thorough understanding of the nuances of supply chain management, along with a strong network of relevant contacts and sources. We know high-profile senior supply chain and procurement leaders; we also know the rising stars who have the potential to progress to senior management and board-level roles.
In a supply-and-demand world, we supply leaders.