Patrick Steele Has Left A Legacy Of Innovation At Delta Dental.

June 20, 2017

It was back in 2004 that we placed Patrick Steele as the new Executive Vice President and CIO at San Francisco-based Delta Dental. He had spent the bulk of his career at Albertson’s, Inc., the second-largest grocery and prescription drug retailer in the U.S.


Over the following decade, Steele transformed the company from being a sleepy player to an enterprise that would post revenues of more than $20 billion in 2015, and one the most advanced dental insurance companies in the nation. He implemented a system that now allows consumers to manage all of their dental needs from their mobile phones, including everything from making appointments to adjudicating claims. Just as critical, he introduced advanced analytics, to enable Delta Dental to better understand their customers, and introduce and price new products.


Since 2013, Steele has served on the board of directors of Dignity Healthcare, the fifth-largest health system in the country, and as chair of the CIO Advisory Board at Blumberg Capital. But his legacy as an innovator at Delta Dental—which today serves almost a third of the national population that has dental insurance—remains a cornerstone of his career.

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