At Success Academy Charter School, Jody Friedman Is Making Sure Even The Most Disadvantaged Children Are Getting A Chance To Succeed.

June 20, 2017
Development and Philanthropy

The competition for donor dollars in the education space, particularly as the charter-school movement has exploded in the 21st Century, is fierce and formidable. For Jody Friedman, it’s an opportunity.


It didn’t take long for Friedman, whom we placed as Executive Vice President for Advancement at New York-based Success Academy Charter Schools in 2012, to put her zeal and energy for the schools’ mission into quantifiable action: In 2016, hedge fund billionaire Julian H. Robertson announced he was bestowing a $25 million gift, the largest in Success’s 10-year-history. The gala at which the gift was announced raised an additional $10 million.


Success has been lauded for the performance of its students, who are mostly poor, and African-American or Hispanic; in 2016, more than 20,000 children entered a lottery for admission, for 3,228 seats. Success will use the gift to achieve its goal of expanding to 100 schools, up from 34, within the next decade.


Calling Success Academy Charter Schools “the best education organization in the world,” Robertson, in announcing his gift, added that, “I think it’s the best place you could put money to help the education system.”

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